People of OST: Aniket Patole, Product Designer

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Aniket is a Product Designer with more than 4 years of experience and has built many enterprises as well as consumer-facing products that are being used by millions of users. In his free time, you’ll find him contemplating design, culture, and society. Apart from digital products, he likes to talk about wrist-watches, indie movies, anime, and 70s psychedelic rock music.

Tell us about yourself!

I have more than four years of industry experience in product design. Currently, I’m working on multiple projects, one of which is the web version of Pepo. The other project I am working on is a design system, which we are trying to build in parallel to shipping the Pepo features and other products. Before OST, I worked extensively on enterprise products, but I also have my fair share of working on consumer-centered products. I hold a master’s degree in product design, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I have also completed a product development project, offered by Design Factory, Aalto University, Finland.

What’s been your experience working here?

I joined OST because I personally think blockchain will be the future tech. Even if blockchain isn’t mainstream at the moment, there will be products and services based on blockchain. Somewhere down the line, we will all be users of the blockchain. That’s the reason why I was quite curious about blockchain and joining the OST team.

In my former roles, there were no technical constraints to be considered, so I was more or less a product designer with user and business requirements on my primary agenda. At OST, I have to consider the technical constraints for every feature that we are designing. That’s one of the major challenges of this role. It’s been really great working here, the team is amazing.

Is product design different for crypto ...

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