People of OST: Bhavik Shah, Senior QA Automation Engineer

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Bhavik is a seasoned QA Automation Engineer, with more than 5 years of experience in the software QA industry in both large companies and startups. He’s passionate about creating and enhancing test automation frameworks to improve the overall development lifecycle. Bhavik is also a sports enthusiast — he loves to play table tennis and badminton.

Tell us about yourself!

I am from Gujarat, a state in the western part of India. I completed my bachelor of engineering from the Babaria Institute of Technology. I am currently living in Pune with my family. I have worked in the software industry as a QA engineer for the past five years. I started my career with a multinational company and then jumped into startups. Startups like OST have a very fast pace environment which gives me the opportunity to learn new things. I have been at OST for over a year and it has been a great experience.

What does your role as a QA Engineer entail?

QA entails verifying that our products work properly before they are shipped to the end-user. We create multiple use cases to pilot our products. If there are any issues or bugs, we report them to the development team for correction. After many cycles of testing, issue-reporting, and bug fixing, we get the final application ready for the market. Our primary responsibility is to verify the product before it gets to the end-user.

On the operation side, we work to reduce manual efforts. For example, if I want to test the Pepo application, I need to first open the application, perform login actions and video creation. To automate this, I write and run a script to verify that the application is working. The script will log in, perform actions, as well as any other tasks required. This is ...

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