People of OST: Dhananjay Patil, Software Engineer

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Dhananjay earned his degree in computer science from the University of Pune. He has a keen interest in programming and loves to build highly scalable applications using cutting-edge technologies. Apart from programming, Dhananjay is enthusiastic about soccer and trekking.

Tell us about yourself!

I am originally from a city called Nashik, it’s about three hours from Pune. I moved to Pune to pursue my graduate studies. During my final semester at the University of Pune, I was looking for opportunities in the tech industry. I joined OST as a back-end developer immediately after graduation. I have since worked with the backend team for about two years. Before working at OST, I had experience with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and web libraries. Apart from work, my interests include visiting new food joints and eateries in the city. I’m also a huge fan of soccer.

What projects have you worked on at OST?

I mainly work in the design and development of software solutions. I work closely with Sunil Khedar and a backend team of 10 people. Since joining OST, I have worked on OST Platform and OST View, our homegrown blockchain explorer. I also worked on a block scanner which is basically the ethereum based chain parser. In the building of OST Platform, I worked on many projects including the token economy setup and the airdrop style transactions that we use in Pepo. I also worked on multiple API developments for OST View.

Can you tell me about the new features in Pepo?

I’m currently working on the Pepo app. We just added a new signup feature for Pepo enabling users to join via their Apple, Gmail or GitHub accounts. Before this update, users were only able to sign up via Twitter....

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