People of OST: Emily Baumgartner, UX Researcher

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Emily Baumgartner is a UX Researcher with a Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design. She helps OST gain clarity on product strategy goals through user-centered research methods in order to discover valuable insights.

Tell us about yourself!

I graduated from Indiana University with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction Design, where I learned about the core principles and philosophy around user-centered design. I originally went to school hoping to become a UX designer, but I later found that my skill set and strengths were much better suited for UX research. I found research to be so much fun, it’s always different, I’m always learning, and I get to talk to people.

What made you travel to Berlin?

Prior to OST, I was working for a digital product agency in the United States. At the agency, I had been tangentially interacting with my clients which ranged from startups to enterprise companies. I helped them to better understand their users and their customers. I did a lot of research, but I was skimming the surface. I wasn’t able to interact with clients for a long period of time and I’ve always wanted to work within a startup.

Ever since I graduated from grad school, it became a passionate goal of mine to live and work abroad. I somehow made all these things possible. I found a job posting on a Slack channel for researchers. I immediately saw the opening and, to be honest, I was a little intimidated by it. But I figured, it’s in Berlin, a huge tech city, I might as well give it a shot, so I applied. I was impressed by the team and the problems that OST is solving. Research is at the core of everything that OST does, I was really inspired by that. It felt like the ...

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