People of OST: Mayur Patil, Software Engineer

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Mayur is a front-end developer who previously worked as a full stack developer. He is passionate about building applications using Python and front-end technologies. Mayur holds a bachelor of engineering from the University of Pune.

Tell us about yourself!

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Pune. I have three years and six months of experience in software engineering. Previously, I have worked as a full stack developer. Currently, I’m working as a front-end developer. I have been here at OST for about 18 month, working on various technologies like Ruby on rails, Node.js, and JavaScript. My favorite programming language is JavaScript. Currently, we are building the mobile application Pepo, using the React Native.

Although I have previously worked as a full stack developer, my major responsibility was a front-end. My preference is working full-stack developer with a major role as a front-end technologies. I am good at front-end, but I also know back-end, which is a really good skill to have.

What projects have you worked on at OST?

I joined OST as a front-end developer. Initially, I worked on OST Platform and on some static pages. I then moved into front-end development for our KYC solution. I worked on building a user interface and admin dashboard. We used angular for the admin dashboard development. After that, I moved into working with the back-end team for KYC. I worked on KYC back-end for almost six months. I then worked on helping build OST Platform data analytics using a tool called Pentaho....

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