People of OST: Preshita Shirke, Senior Software Engineer

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A computer science engineering graduate from VJTI, Mumbai, Preshita has extensive experience in frontend technologies. When not following her passion for learning and exploring new technologies she spends her time cooking and traveling.

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a computer science graduate from VJTI, Mumbai. I completed my engineering degree in 2015 and I have four years of experience in the software industry. I started my career as a software engineer in CitiusTech Healthcare, which is a global leader in the healthcare industry. There I got to work on various front-end and back-end technologies like Java, JavaScript, and Angular. I also had the opportunity to dive into big data for some time. I’ve been with OST for the past 18 months working as a front-end engineer.

What about OST caught your interest?

When I heard about OST, blockchain was a new term that I had just heard about. I always like to explore new technologies. With blockchain being in an early stage of development, I saw this as an opportunity to explore the new technology. I was also interested immensely in JavaScript. When I interviewed with OST, I found that there were many like minded people working here and saw that I would definitely get the opportunity to expand my skills here. This was the moment I decided that OST would be the right place for me. It has truly been a great experience having Rachin, Akshay, and Ashutosh guide me.

What projects have you worked on at OST?

I first joined the KYC team to work on the UI of the admin dashboard, which was written in Angular. Later, I moved on to working on many of the marketing pages and sections of our company site. I also took part in some QA assistant projects used for wallet testing, ...

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