Phala Network Partners with Bluzelle on Data Storage & Privacy

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Phala Network, a Polkadot-based project focused on data privacy preserving protocol, has announced a partnership with Bluzelle. They have chosen Bluzelle’s decentralized database as one of their off-chain data storage solutions for their main product, Web3 Analytics (winner of Web3 Foundation Grant).

Everytime when you are browsing a mobile app or website, your data and footprints are collected and stored in a centralized server. You have to accept their privacy agreement in order to use their service. However, data breaches are happening on a daily basis. Just a few days ago, the Singapore-based e-commerce platform Redmart encountered a data security incident where 1.1 million of user accounts were illegally accessed. This has become a rising concern.

Phala aims to provide confidential computation and data protection service for enterprises and users. Web3 Analytics(W3A) is Phala’s flagship product — a Web3 alternative of Google Analytics, returning data ownership back to the users. It collects all the mobile and web app data from the users and only stores it in their personal data warehouse. Users can choose to share, lend, monetize or even revoke other’s access any time. Through W3A’s smart contract, developers can run analytics approved by data owners without compromising their privacy.

This shares the same mission as Bluzelle to protect data privacy and security. We are both playing critical roles in the advancement and adoption of Web 3.0. Bluzelle is a decentralized data network that enables blockchains and dapps to manage data in a secure, tamper-proof, and highly scalable manner. Bluzelle is powered by Cosmos and its BFT technology Tendermint and is designed to be interoperable for any blockchains. We will provide Phala with these benefits:

  • Decentralized & secure. Bluzelle fills a gap in Phala’s tech stack to achieve full decentralization. Our database is operated by thousands of community nodes without a ...

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