Po.et/Echo Partnership FAQ

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What is Echo?

Echo is a network for creating permissionless, decentralized applications that work with Bitcoin. Echo has a trust minimized bridge to Bitcoin (built on previous work by Liquid and Rootstock) that allows applications to natively transact with BTC.

Why is Po.et partnering with Echo?

You can read more about this here.

Is Echo “acquiring” Po.et?

No, Po.et and Echo are two completely separate teams and are not merging.

Now that we are nearing the completion of building out the Linked Claims protocol, we can focus on building apps and supporting the adoption of Po.et applications. We will be one of the first teams to use Echo and this offer is meant to help get a great distribution of ECHO token holders to secure the new network.

What does this mean for the Po.et roadmap?

Our current roadmap will remain very similar to close out the “Connecting the Dots” roadmap.

After that, we’ll begin transitioning the Po.et protocols to be rebranded as the Linked Claims protocols and we will open up maintenance of the Linked Claims protocol to the community.

There will be individual roadmaps for each of the future applications that the Po.et team creates....

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