Po.et’s Next Steps — Hello Echo!

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Po.et’s Next Steps — Hello Echo!

We know that content creators around the world are struggling with attribution, discovery, and monetization. And we know that the better web should be built with trust, verifiability, and accountability as primary goals, not afterthoughts.

We believe that distributed ledgers will be critical to the success of this better web and that bitcoin has a significant lead to becoming the de facto standard currency for digital economies.

But, most importantly, we believe that Po.et is uniquely positioned to build open-source publishing technologies that rely on the protocols of the better web and tie Po.et more closely to the emerging future of Bitcoin.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve formed a partnership with Echo, a new blockchain application development platform and network which enables smart contract functionalities with bitcoin as its native currency. Through this partnership, Echo will become our primary smart contract platform for the future development of Po.et’s applications, transitioning away from our plans with Ethereum.

In doing so, the Echo team has agreed to allow the upgrade of POE tokens into its native ECHO tokens to help bootstrap its new network. The Po.et Foundation will be rebranding the core protocols we’ve built to date in order to expand Po.et as a standalone organization focused on open-source, decentralized publishing tools.

Our Journey

In 2016, the founding Po.et team set out to build a “shared, open, universal ledger designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets.” Since then, we have made amazing progress toward that original vision and the Po.et protocols and software have matured by leaps and bounds.

In fact, we’ve:

  • Built multiple versions of the core protocol that allow for massive scaling
  • Delivered an API-driven custodial Bitcoin wallet (originally named Frost)
  • Integrated with multiple popular CMSs
  • Given ...

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