Pollen Testnet v0.3.1 Release Notes

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We are releasing a new version of our Pollen testnet: v0.3.1. The full list of changes include:

  • Refactor message structure according to the new Tangle RFC, including support for multiple parents, updated local dashboard, new unit tests, max payload size changed to 65157 bytes and more.
  • Add a community-based entry node.
  • Add commit tag to version.
  • Add package for common sentinel errors.
  • Improve dashboard websocket management.
  • Integrate NTP-based clock to the network delay app.
  • Switch from packer to pkger to pack dashboard.
  • Switch from Viper to koanf as core library for configuration.
  • Fix Value Tangle tip selection management.
  • Fix mps query label in grafana.
  • Fix potential race condition within the clock package.
  • Upgrade to latest hive.go
  • Upgrade NodeJS dependencies of the dashboard.
  • ...

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