Postmortem: TFI-LP Pricing Bug

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Last week, a bug was discovered that affected the rate of exchange between TUSD <> TFI-LP tokens for depositors that put their funds into the TrueFi Lending Pool. This resulted in some users receiving up to 0.5% less TFI-LP tokens than they should have. Specifically, we found that users that deposited TUSD into the lending pool between block 11628810 and 1170030 were affected by this bug.

Editor’s Note: Since this postmortem was published, the formal name for the TrueFi Lending Pool token has been changed from “TFI-LP” to tfTUSD.
The name “TFI-LP” is retained in this postmortem for historical record.

This issue stemmed from the fact that repaid loans must be manually reclaimed into the lending pool. Because there were loans that were paid back but not yet reclaimed by the pool, TFI-LP price spiked higher than it should have. The pool assumed the loan was still active and would pay interest on the additional days outstanding. now displays the correct price for TFI-LP. A permanent fix for this issue has been implemented.

In order to make all affected depositors whole we will utilize $16,944 of corporate capital to purchase TFI-LP tokens and send the appropriate amount to each affected wallet.

This Google Sheet shows all addresses that were affected by the bug and the corresponding amount that they will receive for reimbursement. We expect all TFI-LP reimbursements to be sent out by the end of day tomorrow 1/29/21.

If your address is not listed in the sheet but you were affected by this bug, please head to our support channel on Discord and share additional details with the team.

Thank you for your patience!

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