Power Ledger: POWR Project Escrow Report January to June 2020

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Over the last 6 months Power Ledger has onboarded several large key customers to its platform including:

  1. An exclusive partnership with the Thai Digital Energy Development (TDED) to develop a blockchain-based digital energy business in Thailand.
  2. A partnership with the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS) in the US, to launch a Renewable Energy Certificate marketplace in the United States.
  3. A landmark partnership with green energy retailer ekWateur in France to roll out our energy trading platform to 220,000 electricity meters across France.
  4. A three-year deal to install the Power Ledger platform across 10 residential developments to be built by Nicheliving in the Perth metropolitan region.
  5. A trial with one of Italy’s largest renewable electricity utilities, Alperia SpA, after being named a winner of the Alperia Startup Factory Innovation Camp.

This 4th Escrow Report reflects some of these partnerships.

Previous Escrow reports can be found here:

This is our latest and 4th POWR Project Escrow Report. We release these reports every 6 months, detailing the total amount of POWR being held in escrow for active projects as well as, more recently, detailing the number of POWR tokens burned.

You can read more about how our escrow process works for active projects here.

Some of the payments received from customers from 1 January to 30 June 2020 are reflected in this report. In total 3,061,753 POWR tokens are escrowed or burned as part of this report as follows:

  • 2,782,585 POWR have been escrowed, and
  • 279,168 POWR have been burned.

The amount of POWR escrowed and burned is a function of two things: the size of the payment received from the customer and the price of a POWR token. When the average price of the POWR token is higher, the same payment amount ...

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