Power Ledger’s Jemma Green Speaks to the GBBC on Global Energy Policies

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GBBC’s Global Leaders Series with Dr Jemma Green and Dr Sandra Ro.

On Tuesday, Power Ledger’s Dr Jemma Green sat down with Global Blockchain Business Council’s Dr Sandra Ro, for a conversation on global energy policies, consumer change and how Power Ledger fits into the equation.

The Global Leaders Series, in partnership with Global Digital Finance, is the Global Blockchain Business Council’s weekly global town hall hosting policy makers and business leaders to hear their insights into their work, the state of blockchain, digital assets and current global affairs. The session included live questions from the international audience.

Dr Sandra Ro: If you think about some of the challenges you’ve seen or some of the evolution you’ve seen over the last few years, what’s struck you the most as a friction or challenge, that you guys have had to overcome at Power Ledger?

Dr Jemma Green: Well, I think when you’re doing anything new, there’s a lot of people that either don’t think that anything else could happen, other than what is right. Then also comprehension like electricity is quite a complex topic. It’s not like cocoa beans. You can’t just store it in a warehouse.

I think the blockchain is a complex topic as well. You’ve got two quite complex subjects that people have to wrap their heads around. I think on top of that, you’ve got the mania that happened around blockchain and to the system, which was justified in many cases. So you’re kind of containing with a lot of things to get people to understand.

If people didn’t understand something, they generally don’t trust it. So I think that’s like establishing an understanding in the market and getting people to look at their problems through the lens of this technology, to see how it could solve ...

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