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We continuously work on improving the platform and today we are releasing a new update, which mainly revolves around the functionality of Programs. We have implemented changes based on feedback from our community and users — and those improvements are now live!

Programs: Entry Fee replaced with Management Fee

After listening to the voice of our community, we wanted a more transparent and fairer fee structure for Programs. We have replaced our old Entry Fee system with the new Management Fee model, which will benefit both short and long term investment scenarios.

What is the difference?

Entry Fee is a one-time fee, charged the moment you invest.

Management Fee is charged for the actual asset management period. Management fee is defined in annual percentage and is charged at the end of each reporting period.

Example: You invest in a Program with a Management Fee of 3% and reporting period length of one month. In one month, when the period ends, you’ll be charged 0.25% of your investment amount (or resulting amount at the end of the period in case of overall loss) as a Management Fee (3% / 12 months = 0.25% in this case)

If you already were charged an entry fee for your existing investments, a management fee won’t be charged after switching to the new model.

Programs: Auto Joining After Stop Out

The Stop Out functionality is aimed at protecting investors by limiting the maximum possible loss. If the program drawdown goes below the Stop Out level — the current period is forcibly closed, and all investments are returned to investors. Until now, investors didn’t have a choice and it wasn’t always convenient. As part of the new deploy we’ve added an option for investors to stay in the program, even if the current period was to be closed by a Stop Out.

Programs: GVT ...

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