Project Progress | YOYOW Progress Weekly (2020/11/01–2020/11/30)

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Thank you for your long-term attention and support for the YOYOW project. This article contains the development progress of YOYOW in the past four weeks. Welcome to read.

Project Progress

The YOYOW Foundation Releases the Official NFT Protocol Standard, Actively Deploying and Cultivating the NFT Ecology

The YOYOW Foundation has successfully released the YOYOW NFT protocol standard. Developers can create unique programmable digital assets on the YOYOW blockchain. Meanwhile, using YOYOW’s content incentive mechanism, content incentives can also be brought into NFT.

The YOYOW NFT protocol standard includes various standard features such as issuance, casting, destruction, and transfer. It sets a general framework standard for the NFT on the YOYOW blockchain to simplify the development difficulty, which not only enhances the liquidity of NFT, but also provides conditions for the circulation and reuse of NFT in different projects.

The Github address of YOYOW NFT protocol standard:

Development Progress

Underlying Updates

•Further test different types of smart contracts, and strengthen verification of the logic and data structure of the contract

• Improve the data query interface of the smart contract so that it can query the contract data with a special structure

YOYOW Plugins

• Improve the Discourse YOYOW plugin and related documents

• Update Discourse to use the latest yoyow-middleware

Community Updates

• According to the YOYOW blockchain browser, the latest block: 34219967, the number of transactions: 810,752, the number of accounts: 51,356, the current supply of YOYO: 1,036,378,477, the number of collaterals on the whole network: 86,562,049, the number of votes on the whole network: 426,983,403

• Block producers: The total number of nodes in this round is 21, the participation rate is 99.21875%, the total number of nodes is 186, the total number of nodes is 86,562,049, and the annualized interest rate of PoS block producer is 12.66%


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