Project Progress | YOYOW Progress Weekly (2021/01/01–2021/01/31)

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Happy New Year to all YOYOW users. This article contains the development progress of YOYOW in the past four weeks. Welcome to read.

Project Progress-YOYOW

The First YOYOW Developer Competition Came to a Successful Close, Winners were Announced

Since its release in June 2020, the first YOYOW Developer Competition, which lasted half a year, has come to an end. The competition received a number of works from different fields, covering various fields such as games, shopping mall payment, forums, etc. After review by the YOYOW Foundation, based on the comprehensive consideration of the user experience, usability, and reliability of the submitted works, the YOYOW Foundation selected the following award-winning works:

First Prize * 1

YOYOW Discuz! Plug-in: YOYOW Connect

Second Prize * 1

YOYOW&ShopXO Mall joint login authorized payment application

Third Prize * 2

•YOYOW WeChat Mini Program Blockchain Explorer

•Yoyo Farm Game

Development Progress-YOYOW

YOYOW Wallet Updates


•Fixed the problem that some function buttons under ios 14 could not be clicked

•Added wallet support for some new methods of dapp

Underlying Updates

Bottom layer:

•Layout and basic verification of existing smart contracts, and update the corresponding codes of yoyow_node and yoyow_client.

•Simultaneous testing and modification of NFT and YOYOW_SWAP contracts

•Research on mainstream inter-blockchain protocols and DEFI

Community Updates

•According to the YOYOW blockchain browser, the latest block: 36230203, the number of transactions: 862,963, the number of accounts: 51,640, the current supply of YOYO: 1,040,019,524, the number of collaterals on the whole network: 77,142,696, and the number of votes on the whole network: 412,741,504

•Block producers: The total number of nodes in this round is 21, the participation rate is 100%, the total number of nodes is 166, the total collaterals of nodes is 77,142,696, and the annualized interest rate of PoS block producers is 13.18%

•The on-chain content of Biask in January: the number of active content ...

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