Promoting interconnectivity with Everex at Bangkok Fintech Fair 2019

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Everex Team at Bangkok Fintech Fair 2019

Everex had the pleasure of attending the Bangkok Fintech Fair 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand from 18th to 19th July to showcase our blockchain-based payment platform for cross-border money transfers and currency exchange. The Fair, which aimed to highlight the latest developments in the fintech space, was attended by key stakeholders in banking, finance, and blockchain who shared various insights into their respective industries.

The fair gave us a great opportunity to showcase our wallet and explain the way our solution works. Our booth was visited by various C-level executives from major institutions who wanted to know more about the Everex platform and the technology that powers it. Some of these executives include Khun Souwapark Suwakul, Assistant Vice President of Global Markets at Krungthai Bank, as well as key officers from the Laos Central Bank and the Bank of Thailand. We were delighted to have given them a glimpse of the Everex platform’s use-cases, particularly among travelers and migrant workers, and likewise, elaborate on the advantages they give users.

Day 1: Facilitating Financial Connectivity in ASEAN

The first day of the Fair primarily discussed how payment service providers in the region are improving interconnectedness between the countries of ASEAN in terms of payment services and remittances, with some of the leading providers in the region showcasing some of their latest offerings. We, as one of the key players in the space, discussed our partnership with Krungthai Bank and Myanmar-based Shwe Bank in developing a way to seamlessly facilitate remittances between Thailand, which hosts over three million Myanmar migrant workers, and Myanmar.

Krungthai Bank showcased our upcoming service dubbed “Krungthai Bank and Shwe Bank Remittance powered by Everex,” which will allow customers to transfer funds more conveniently using their smartphones. Given its use of blockchain technology, we demonstrated how ...

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