Protofire Awarded a Grant for Building a New Chainlink Testnet Faucet

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Protofire Awarded a Grant for Building a New Chainlink Testnet Faucet

The Chainlink Community Grant Program provides financial resources to the many development teams and researchers building a more functional and accessible Chainlink Network. We encourage talented individual developers and development teams to apply to the grant program here, or if you are a researcher and want to collaborate, contact us.

With the Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon kicking off this week, we’re excited to announce that Protofire, a development workshop for decentralized protocols, has been awarded a Chainlink Community Grant for their work in creating a new testnet token faucet that is now live across a number of blockchains, including on the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and xDai testnets. In addition to the Chainlink’s token faucets on the Ethereum Rinkeby and Kovan testnets, this new testnet faucet allows developers to acquire mock Chainlink tokens (LINK) from an intuitive user interface to test their Chainlinked smart contracts across a number of blockchain testnets before deploying onto the mainnet network of their choice.

As a result of this Chainlink grant-funded initiative, all developers participating in the Chainlink Virtual hackathon now have new infrastructure to build and test externally connected dApps across a number of leading smart contract platforms. This new token faucet constructed by Protofire has been designed to scale up and support any EVM-compatible blockchain testnets on demand. This multi-chain functionality has become increasingly important as Chainlink continues to natively launch within additional blockchain environments. By supporting developer best practices and providing seamless access to testnet LINK tokens, the new faucet tooling rapidly increases the rate at which smart contracts get created and deployed.

As a part of the Chainlink community grant, Protofire has built several key components to enhance the faucet, including:

  • Develop an EVM-compatible testnet token faucet with a Solidity smart contract that supports the ERC677 ...

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