Proton Market goes Open Source – unlocking NFTs for billions around the world

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The community has spoken, and we have listened: Proton Market is now open source, allowing anyone with a website to integrate our advanced NFT marketplace directly into their site! This means creators, artists, athletes, and anyone else can sell NFTs with instant settlements, no gas fees, and every other advantage that comes with the Proton blockchain.

Up until this point, buying and selling NFTs was a painful process. Most centralized NFT marketplaces were designed with sluggish and expensive blockchains in mind; minting an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, for example, could cost over $100 in gas fees – and buying a copy of the NFT wasn’t much cheaper. This placed a bottleneck on the accessibility of NFTs, as only creators who could afford to pay the fees, and buyers who could afford the fees on top of the listing price, could even speculate in the NFT space.

The introduction of Proton Market changes everything. Our open source NFT marketplace means buyers and sellers pay only a few cents in fees – a stark contrast to the cost of other Ethereum based NFT marketplaces. Plus, we made minting NFTs easier than ever; listing your creation is as easy as uploading a file and tapping create, no headache required.

Currently, all NFT prices on Proton Market are listed in Proton-wrapped USDC (XUSDC), meaning price calculations are simple and straightforward in US dollars. In the future, we plan to offer multi-asset support on Proton Market as well, which will expand the Proton NFT universe with XBTC, XLTC, XBNB, XEOS, and all of the top cryptocurrencies being utilized to interact with NFTs.

With Proton Market being open source, you can integrate it directly into your own website free of charge. This avoids sending your visitors to another website to purchase your NFTs, eliminating the ...

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