Q2 2021 Contribution Focus & Rewards

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Going Forward

As we move into the second quarter of 2021 we would like to share with our existing partners and new potential partners the type of contributions that are in line with the IOST Foundation’s goals for 2021 and beyond. Whilst IOST’s core mission remains unchanged, to help in unleashing the power of blockchain and contribute towards a truly decentralized global economy, there has been a need to re-think the type of contributions that will add value to the ecosystem and a sustainable way of rewarding those contributions.

The overall structure of the contribution and rewards remains mostly unchanged with notable differences in the following;

  • Going forward there will be an emphasis on quality of contributions (contributors) vs quantity of contributions (contributors). As the number of interested potential contributors increases there is a need to raise the bar in terms of what are considered to be quality contributions because at the end of the day there is a finite amount of rewards that can be distributed. Partners who consistently contribute high-quality work should be rewarded accordingly.
  • Rewards will now mostly be paid out in USDT with a small portion paid out in IOST, this might vary slightly from quarter to quarter. This means that going forward when contributors submit their contribution plans they should state their fees or expected rewards in USDT.
  • Contributors will fall into two broader categories; Technical Contribution Partners and Media Contribution Partners. The criteria of what will be high-priority contributions will be listed below for each category.

Technical Contribution Partners

For contributors looking to make contributions of a technical nature, the following are areas that will be considered high priority and value;

  • Cross-chain solutions, bridges that allow IOST users to access other ecosystem services and enable features such a liquid-staking,
  • NFT marketplaces or solutions ...

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