Qtum — October Updates — v0.20.1 Release

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Qtum — October Updates — v0.20.1 Release

Qtum Core Mainnet Ignition v0.20.1

The most momentous update for Qtum in October, hands down, was the upgrade to Qtum Core v0.20.1. The latest version of Qtum brings new staking features to the blockchain fine-tuned for the Offline Staking community, numerous GUI improvements, and a plethora of upstream fixes from bitcoin core v0.20 & v0.20.1.

To view all the listed changes and download the latest wallet, please visit our GitHub at:

Release Mainnet Ignition v0.20.1 - Upgrade to bitcoin core 0.20.1 - Improvements - Bug fixes · qtumproject/qtum

That may have you pondering the question: How many other blockchains that use Bitcoin’s UTXO Protocol are up to date with v.0.20.1?

To be frank, there’s not many blockchains that keep almost step-in-step with Bitcoin, if any, except for Qtum. In addition to staking and smart contracts, the Qtum team brings these important updates to the community in unparalleled ways. Qtum has a strong belief in blockchain innovation and giving that to the people who use our technology.

The new version v.0.20....

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