Qtum 2020 — Looking Back

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Qtum 2020 — Looking Back

No one could have imagined all the events that took place in 2020, but we made it through and have hope for a better tomorrow.

Building distributed systems software is its own journey, and it was no different in 2020. The crypto space grew at unprecedented levels and had numerous setbacks. However, the builders over the past few years have been battle-hardening the tech faithful to our common missions, and we were able to overcome those small obstacles as a community.

Qtum is a team of individuals that dedicate their lives to the technological contribution of both Bitcoin’s UTXO model and Ethereum’s Virtual Machine while bringing our own genuine innovations to the blockchain industry. Qtum can implement any of the technical features from Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Virtual Machine, but the research that goes into Qtum can benefit Bitcoin or Ethereum.

One display of this is when David Jaenson, from the Qtum development team, found a Bitcoin vulnerability, which could have potentially brought down the Bitcoin network. David provided proof of the attack in test form and informed the correct people to resolve the issue before any exploit on Bitcoin was ever made. Do you recall seeing some videos of the world’s best computer developers try to break Bitcoin? Ya, that’s right, David broke Bitcoin. Not only does this prove David to be a strong developer, but the whole Qtum development team made it possible by keeping the Qtum blockchain up-to-date with Bitcoins’ current UTXO model. This is when you know and have
proof that your team has the best blockchain developers in the world.

New Releases of Qtum Core and Supporting Software

Qtum started 2020 with Qtum Core version 0.19.0 and finished with Qtum Core v0.20.1, having several notable upgrades over the year. The ...

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