Qtum 2021 Roadmap Explanation

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We issued the 2021 Roadmap on February 11th. This blog breaks down the Roadmap with more description and detail about the tasks and goals.

Reviewing the 2020 roadmap, the main projects were Offline Staking, Phantom (protocol privacy), and Neutron (virtual machine architecture).

Offline staking was implemented with a hard fork on August 28, 2020, and has grown to more than half the staking activity on the Qtum blockchain. Users can make a non-custodial delegation for their coins to an online Super Staker.

Qtum Phantom privacy protocol faced significant headwinds last year from global regulatory uncertainty and exchanges delisting privacy tokens. Although Phantom was implemented and received a complete 3rd-party security audit, it cannot move forward at this time.

Qtum Neutron, our virtual machine architecture, is relaunched for 2021 with a new ARM-based virtual machine (saying goodbye to the x86 VM) and a cross-chain perspective. Look for more blogs coming about the Neutron path. The 2021 roadmap is heavy with Neutron development and we are opening up community engagement for Neutron progress.

Late 2020 also saw our pivot to emphasize DeFi tools and capability. Qtum management believes DeFi will be a fundamental success factor for blockchain (after some initial frothiness) and we are working hard to develop the technology and partnerships to realize this opportunity.

The five swim lanes for the Qtum 2021 Roadmap are

Qtum Core — fundamental Qtum node technology for faster blocks, hardware wallet interface, and virtual machine updates.

Qtum Infrastructure — tooling for smart contact integration with Ethereum tools (Janus) and cross-chain bridges (Floating Road).

Neutron — updated virtual machine interface architecture, ARM VM.

DeFi & DApp Partnerships — lean in to support Qtum partner development for technology, ecosystem, and cross-chain.

Community Activities — Upgrade Discord with gamification for roles, mission, and rewards, round 2 for the Stake-A-Thon. DeFi and Ecosystem grants. Increase transparency with a ...

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