Qtum Chain Foundation First Quarter 2021 Expenditures

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The Qtum Chain Foundation reports financial expenditures quarterly for transparency and openness with the community. This report covers the first quarter of 2021.

1Q 2021 Expenditures

During the first quarter of 2021 (January, February, March) the Qtum Chain Foundation spent 43.0 bitcoin, an average of 14.3 BTC per month. The monthly expenditures are shown below (the expenditure amount changes with Bitcoin price fluctuation).

2021 1Q Expenditures (BTC)

Funds spent are further broken down into six categories. The biggest categories are recurring expenses for Research and Development, Public Relations and Marketing, and Operation Costs. The non-recurring costs are smaller and consist of Compliance Costs, Business Development, and Technical Cooperation.

For the 1st quarter, these category percentages were Technology Development 86.1%, PR and Marketing 9.9%, Operations Costs 1.2%, Compliance Costs 0.0%, Business Development 1.3%, and Technical Cooperation 1.5%. The monthly expenditures in BTC by category were:

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