Qtum Community Spotlight – AtomicDEX Stress Test

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Qtum Community Spotlight - AtomicDEX Stress Test

Komodo is excited to have Qtum on board for the AtomicDEX Stress Test, happening on December 12 & 13. We’ll release more details about the event later this week, but first, let’s preview what Qtum is currently working on and highlight the shared vision of our two projects.

Reminder: Registration for the stress test is now open. Download AtomicDEX and sign up for your chance to win $500 in QTUM. We'll also have prizes in KMD, EMC2, FIRO, and other coins throughout the event.

Earn Free QTUM

Qtum is one of three projects selected for an AtomicDEX Stress Test Community Spotlight. Users will be able to earn free QTUM and other coins by trading testnet coins on AtomicDEX. If you haven’t done so already, register for the stress test to boost your odds of winning prizes.

Stay tuned to the Komodo blog and social media channels as we announce will announce the Qtum time slot for the swap event and livestream later this week.

Qtum + Komodo: Our Shared DeFi Vision

Qtum and Komodo are two projects focused on building sustainable DeFi. Both projects have been working towards implementing atomic swap technology in order to create cross-chain/cross-protocol interoperability for the blockchain universe. The AtomicDEX Stress Test is an important moment for both Komodo and Qtum as we expand our collaboration and embark upon a new era for DeFi.
John Scianna, Head of Growth at Qtum said,

“The AtomicDEX Stress Test will provide an excellent way for the Qtum community to see how to use the AtomicDEX platform works, giving our community a chance to test their swapping skills without any risk. Our community is a mix of crypto veterans, new users, and everyone in between. Still, both ends of the spectrum have yet to utilize atomic swaps because there hasn't ...

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