Qtum Stake-A-Thon Launched

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$50,000 in QTUM prizes

From 12:00 midnight on August 30, 2020, (GMT + 8), the Qtum Offline Staking mainnet Stake-A-Thon officially launched! Up to 20%+annualized income, with more opportunities and more rewards.

After four weeks of testing, the Qtum Offline Staking testnet event was successfully concluded! During the event, more than a hundred users participated in address delegation, and nearly 50 users ran super stakers to provide Offline Staking delegation. Thanks to community members for their contributions to the testnet Stake-A-Thon, and 5 lucky winners will receive a 100 QTUM prize for participating.

We hope everyone will have a rewarding experience with the mainnet Stake-A-Thon which is giving out $50,000 in QTUM prizes.

For details and to sign up please visit: https://stake-a-thon.qtum.org

During the Stake-A-Thon, users can delegate addresses or operate super staker nodes to accept others’ delegations, and start their offline staking journey! Users running super stakers nodes can enjoy up to 20%+ annualized income!

Qtum also invited several well-known institutional exchanges, such as OKEx, Huobi, Gate.io, Coinone, Hashquark, and CoinDCX, to join the event with staking pool offerings. Users can choose their favorite staking pool to participate in the event and get exclusive QTUM awards!

Hurry up and join the staking fun! Sign up at https://stake-a-thon.qtum.org

Video instructions

Address Delegation: English Korean

Super Staker Setup: English Korean

The final interpretation of event rules belongs to the Qtum Chain Foundation.

This event is not open to the following regions: Balkans, Belarus, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Burundi, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Darfur, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Somalia, South Africa Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen, North Korea, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

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