Raiden Alderaan Release Bug Bounty

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The Raiden Alderaan release is a beta deployment of the Raiden Network focused on testing a full suite version on the Ethereum mainnet. The Raiden team has undertaken several risk mitigation measures to limit the potential damage caused by bugs or misuse of the software and to ensure a responsible testing environment. In addition to the implemented safety measures, a bug bounty is run for the Raiden Smart Contracts, as well as the Raiden Client and the Raiden Services executables (see detailed specifications below). The bug bounty is hosted by brainbot labs Est. in order to make sure that the software lives up to the highest standards possible and to make sure that the risk of users losing funds is at a minimum. For the bug bounty, a pool worth $200,000 in RDN tokens is available to be rewarded.

Scope of the Bounty

All direct Raiden system components (Raiden Smart Contracts, Raiden Client, Pathfinding and Monitoring Service) are in scope. As the Raiden Transport Layer (Matrix Servers) is a 3rd party component it is excluded from the bounty. The scope of the bounty is limited to critical vulnerabilities as defined below.

Raiden System Components in Scope

The following components of the Raiden Network are in the scope:

Smart contracts

Client executable — only the most recent executable released by the Raiden team starting with 1.0.0 is in scope.

Pathfinding Service code — only the most recent executable released by the Raiden team starting with version v0.10.0 is in scope....

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