Raiden Pulse #12: News from May and June

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We’re halfway through 2020, which means it’s time for a new bi-monthly summary of all things Raiden: overall development progress, product updates, (virtual) event participation and all the other stuff that we’ve been up to in May and June. In May we reached a major milestone as we released the long awaited Alderaan version. More on this and other interesting news later in the update. Let’s dig into what’s new with Raiden!

Development Updates towards Alderaan mainnet

The main goal for May and June was to release Alderaan with the Raiden Service Bundle and the corresponding version of the Raiden Wizard. On May 26th Alderaan was released together with the RSB and the Raiden Wizard. A couple of weeks later, the team followed up with a new release that fixed a couple of minor bugs and more importantly introduced an all new WebUI. It’s safe to say that May and June were busy, but also successful months. While all of this happened, the light client team continued working towards reaching feature parity with the Python client so that the light client can also be released on the mainnet. All in all, two exciting months are behind us, and two exciting months are ahead of us!

General Updates

  • Raiden Client: As already mentioned, the overarching achievement for the Raiden Client over the last two months was the release of Aldreraan on the Ethereum mainnet. The release is covered in detail in this blogpost and we encourage everyone to read it in order to get an overview of all the cool new features. Along with the Alderaan release, we also introduced a bug bounty program that can be found in detail here. Last but not least, a couple of weeks after the initial release, the team made a second release that fixed some minor ...

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