Raiden Pulse #13: News from July and August

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Two more months have passed by and it’s time for a new bi-monthly summary of all things Raiden: overall development progress, product updates, (virtual) event participation and all the other stuff that we’ve been up to in July and August. The overarching focus of July was our participation in the Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off. In August, the main focus has been on some maintenance work and continuing the implementation of WebRTC for the transport layer in the Raiden python client. The light client team is still working towards reaching parity with the Alderaan release. Let’s dig in!

General Updates

  • Raiden Client: In July we put a lot of time and effort into the Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off. An in-depth explanation of our solution can be found in this blogpost. The solution we made is called Raiddit. In essence, Raiddit is a modified version of Raiden that utilizes virtual channels to avoid any on-chain transactions before channel settlement. This means that minting and burning also happens off-chain. Due to the design of Raiden itself, Raiddit scales linearly which means that fulfilling the scaling requirements of the Reddit challenge was not a problem at all. After the Reddit challenge our main focus has been on doing some general maintenance of the code base. We also continued to work on implementing WebRTC for the transport layer to get faster transfers.
  • Raiden Light Client: We have also seen great progress with the Raiden light client during the last two months. It is now possible to withdraw tokens from open channels without closing the channel that you withdraw from. Another great breakthrough was to have all the scenarios used by the Python client pass with the light client. The scenarios act as integration tests that mimic real life Raiden nodes that interact with each ...

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