Raiden Pulse #14: News from September & October

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We are happy to share a new bi-monthly summary of all things that happened in Raiden: overall development progress, product updates, (virtual) event participation, and all the other stuff that we’ve been up to in September and October. The main focus of the last two months was to improve overall stability and speed of the Raiden full client and to get closer to the mainnet release of the light client. We’re still patiently waiting to see the evaluation of the Reddit Scaling challenge and will share information as soon there’s something to share. Let’s dig in!

General Updates

Raiden Client:

  • WebRTC for the Python client: Most of our efforts were put into continuing work on implementing WebRTC along with some general stability fixes. The main work for WebRTC is done and it now needs some testing and benchmarking as well as making sure it’s compatible with the light client. From the preliminary testing we have done so far, we see significant improvements in the time it takes to do payments.
  • Stability: On the stability side, we have upgraded the Matrix version and optimized message deliveries with toDevice messages.
  • Reduce sync time: Another big improvement to the user experience that we have worked on is to reduce the sync time on the first startup of Raiden. The feature is not yet merged into master, but we see less than a minute sync times now compared to days. We have also entirely removed internal routing, since it gave worse results than the PFS. However, direct transfers are still possible without using the PFS.
  • Cross Token Payments, Windows support: Furthermore work on some new features such as Cross Token Network Payments (CTNP) and Windows support has also been started.

Raiden Light Client: The main focus of the last two months was to continue to ...

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