Recap: KyberDAO Community Call #2

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Our second community call took place on Tues, October 20th at 8:30AM EST (8:30PM SGT). This call, similar to our first community call, was hosted by community ambassador DeFi Dude on the official Kyber Discord server.

In this call we covered several different topics: KyberDAO growth metrics, staking improvements, Kyber Community Pool launch, KIP-3/KIP-4, upcoming plans, and much more.

You can listen to a complete recap of the call here:

As always, we recommend participating in our Discord and our community calls for the best way to learn and stay up to date on Kyber’s governance. But we’ll continue to provide a simplified overview after each call.

KyberDAO — Key Highlights

Since our last call, we’ve had another three successful Epochs (for a total of seven), with three additional BRRs being passed. Over the span of these Epochs, KIP-3 and KIP-4 were also proposed and passed.

Key Stats

  • 55 million+ KNC staked
  • Over 9,000 on-chain votes since Epoch 1
  • $360,000+ in rebates given to reserves
  • $140,000+ in KNC burned
  • $1 million+ in ETH rewards distributed to voters! UI/UX Improvements

For those using directly to stake, you may have noticed a few recent improvements to the website and staking process. We’re grateful to the community for providing us with valuable feedback!

  1. Advanced gas fee option — with the recent cost of gas and the rate at which it changes, being able to customize your gas fee is important.
  2. Claim All button — instead of claiming rewards for each Epoch individually, users can now claim rewards for 12 Epochs at a time!

Kyber Community Pool (KCP)

A KyberDAO staking delegation pool created by DeFi Dude, Sasha Tanase, and Harry Denley announced the launch of the Kyber Community Pool which had been long underway. The Kyber Community Pool is a 3rd-party delegation pool that aims to put the community ...

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