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Q1. How crosschained BTC to wanBTC is realized?

A: Please read this article for general idea:

Codes on Githhub Repo:

Q2. About Storeman Group

Threshold + MPC method to manage cross-chain assets, is it managed through multiple groups? How many groups are there, and how to manage different groups?

A: The previous design was that each cross-chain bridge (two chains or called one pair) use one storeman group with 21 nodes. The latest research update is that cross-chain bridges will share a combined Storeman group to enhance the utilization and security of collaterals. The number of nodes in this combined group can be expanded.

More details please refer to this article:

Q3. Does each group involve 21 nodes, and requires at least 16 signatures, and generates one address?

A: It is now a Storeman group of 21 nodes, which can be expanded. The required threshold signature is 15, and aone address is generated.

Q4. When one Storeman group is switching to a new group, do other groups need to re-generate key fragments?


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