Red Pulse Phoenix and APEX Network to Merge and Develop Horizon DeFi Platform

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Dear Red Pulse Community,

After months of meticulous planning and discussion, Red Pulse Phoenix and APEX Network have made a calculated decision to take our projects, platforms, and ecosystems to the next stage through a merger that will create a comprehensive enterprise data blockchain platform. The merger will create a larger, more powerful infrastructure and ecosystem, effectively leveraging the best resources both projects have to offer (technology, platforms, token economies, token liquidity, human talent, community, and marketing).

The combined entity will become Phoenix Global, and CPX token holders will be granted PHB (BEP-2) tokens at a ratio calculated based on moving average price, with details on the swap forthcoming.

This will accomplish what very few projects have done successfully — achieve synergies via a combined greater user base, market cap, and real-world applications, catalyzing growth and expanding the ecosystem.

Immediate strategic benefits

● A more comprehensive enterprise data blockchain platform consisting of 1st party (consumer-related) data applications + 3rd party data (market data, external data, enterprise ESG data) with a larger enterprise ecosystem (B2C companies + financial institutions)

● Combined technical resources and teams will give the new entity a talent edge in the competitive blockchain landscape

● Greater exposure, stronger combined marketing resources for pre and post-merger, a much larger community will be created. Community management and outreach resources will be maintained and combined. [Approx combined community: Telegram (English): 15,000+, Social Media: 60,000+, Email lists: 90,000+] We will also onboard new strategic marketing partners to the merged platform (more details below).

● Leveraging the best of both projects includes PHB exchanges and liquidity — available via existing Phoenix token listings on Binance, Huobi, Switcheo, and others.

● Will catalyze the time-to-value of various existing applications on both platforms (data exchange protocols, federated learning, reward points etc) adding more diverse use cases and scenarios.

● ...

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