Red Pulse Report-2019.11.26

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Red Pulse Report — 2019.11.26

Over the past month, we’ve pushed live a number of new features and products focused on providing more value to our readers and clients. These include the new China Markets Pro Newsletter, as well as ramping up our Expert Network services.

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Naveet McMahon Joins as Managing Director, Business Development of Red Pulse.

Naveet McMahon, Managing Director — Business Development at Red Pulse

The Red Pulse team would like to welcome Naveet McMahon, who will oversee business development at Red Pulse.

Mrs. McMahon previously held leadership roles at China Money Network and Acuris Group HK. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Physiology from the University of Reading, UK, and brings over 20 years of experience in Greater China multi-media and financial data services.

Join Our Expert Network

You may be wondering to yourself, “What is an expert network?” To put it simply, an expert network connects industry experts, practitioners and professionals to share their views on various topics such as technology, policy, and markets, with the goal of helping clients make faster and better business decisions.

Over the past year, Red Pulse been quietly building out our Expert Network services and are ready to open it up to a larger group of clients and experts. We offer services such as telephone and in-person interviews, research reports, surveys, conferences, and forums.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for expertise on a sector in the Chinese economy, or a researcher conducting a study on high-level regulatory issues and policies coming out of China, we can match you with the right person to answer all of your questions.

If you’re an expert on a particular economic sector or industry, we’d also love to have you as part of ...

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