“reHash” — Your Weekly Summary of Everything Important in the Crypto World — issue no. 14

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“reHash” — Your Weekly Summary of Everything Important in the Crypto World — issue no. 14

Hash issued for December 18th to December 23rd

Merry Christmas! This week reHash is published a day early and next week it will be published a day early as well. It is a bit shorter and I fully expect next one to be a bit shorter as well (since these two weeks of the year tend to be both more and less exciting than usually; while less happens in news department, more happens in presents department, which is generally a good thing). I hope you enjoy reading this week’s edition!

reHash is not intended to be original journalism. It is intended to be a brief summary of significant articles and events from the past week with links to the original sources. Sources will always be linked and credited. If you know any good newsletters or Twitter accounts which provide news we have been missing, please mention them in the comments!


  1. MicroStrategy has completed its $650 million Bitcoin buy; they currently hold a total of over 70,000 BTC worth $1.6 billion usd; they purchased them for $1.125 billion; Michael Saylor has even urged Elon Musk to have Tesla buy some
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  2. Anthony Scaramucci’s Sky Bridge Capital has submitted a formal application to launch a new Bitcoin fund; SkyBridge is $9.3 billion hedge fund; they already invested $25 million into BTC; the Form D filed by SkyBridge did not disclose anticipated asset value of the fund, but the minimum investment is set at $50,000; the fund will welcome investments from outside investors starting on January 4th;
    SOURCE: 1, 2, 34
  3. Coinbase is planning an IPO; FTX crypto exchange has already listed the tokens betting on future ...

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