“reHash” — Your Weekly Summary of Everything Important in the Crypto World — issue no. 16

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“reHash” — Your Weekly Summary of Everything Important in the Crypto World — issue no. 16

reHash issued for December 31st to January 6th

Last reHash was the last of the year 2020. This one is the first in year 2021 (hoping it’s better). Last week it was another ATH for Bitcoin, this week it is another ATH for Bitcoin. Bitcoin makes it look easy. Just as easy as it is to catch up on all the news from the week in extremely shortened form — welcome to reHash, I hope you enjoy your stay!

reHash is not intended to be original journalism. It is intended to be a brief summary of significant articles and events from the past week with links to the original sources. Sources will always be linked and credited. If you know any good newsletters or Twitter accounts which provide news we have been missing, please mention them in the comments!


  1. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has released a groundbreaking stance — banks can use stablecoins to conduct payments and other activities; they published their stance in Interpretive Letter 1174; “Industry participants recognize that using stablecoins to facilitate payments may combinethe efficiency and speed of digital currencies with the stability of existing currencies”; “The OCC has repeatedly recognized that banks may conduct permissible paymentactivities using new and evolving technologies.”; “a national bank or federal savings association may validate, store, and record payments transactions by serving as a node on an INVN [independent node verification network]. Likewise, a bank may use INVNs and related stablecoins to carry out other permissible payment activities.”
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  2. Ukraine government will use Stellar blockchain to issue their CBDC; the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has signed a deal with Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation to issue a ...

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