Renowned Japanese Manga Artist Releases 1st NFT on IOST- NFT Auction Starts Today

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To contribute to the efficient return of profits to creators and the development of Japanese manga and anime culture

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April 6, 2021, IOST digital art auctions go live on IOST Japanese NFT Marketplace- TokenLink. The first auctioned item is the NFT digital art of “An IOST warrior fighting for developers” created by Japanese leading and renowned manga artist, Chihiro Tamaki.

About 20 works of Chihiro Tamaki’s digital art and digital manga will be auctioned in the NFT Marketplace TokenLink, including “Warrior,” a work modeled by IOST co-founder, which also has a function as a gaming item.

Blockchain Technology & NFTs for Artists

In the era of Digitalization and globalization, pirated anime and manga have become the concern for creators in the existing social system. Blockchain is now expected to be a technology that can be implemented in society to manage digital content. The purpose of copyright, which is managed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan, is to contribute to the efficient use of copyrighted works and the development of culture.

Blockchain technology is expected to be applied not only to identify NFTs as copyrights, legitimate owners, and authors but also to manage royalties related to the transfer and assignment of copyrights.

The advantage of IOST NFT based on IRC-722

IOST platform is practically free compared to the gas cost consumed as an energy source in other platform ecosystems, making it suitable for small transactions. We believe that NFT can contribute to digital art transactions that are suitable for transactions and can return royalties to all creators. Profit-sharing is implemented through smart contracts, programs that ...

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