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Read the full transcript of the AMA with Gnosis, covering key topics including the Gnosis Safe product, its use case, future developments and partnership with Request.

👋 Request enthusiasts,

We invited John Ennis, Business Development Lead at Gnosis, to our very first Request AMA on our Telegram chat group. Our Head of Strategic Partnership at Request, Christophe Fonteneau led the session with discussions around the Gnosis Safe product, it’s use case and future developments as well as unveiling officially our partnership, among other things! Here’s a recap of the questions and answers that were exchanged during the AMA.

— — AMA session begins — —

Q1: Can you introduce yourself and how you got into blockchain?

Hey everyone, I’m John and I’m leading out ecosystem development for the Gnosis Safe. I’ve been tinkering with blockchain since 2015. I’m a big fan of it.

I dipped my feet in during my college thesis which focused on P2P energy markets. And since then, I have well and truly fell into the rabbit hole… particularly when it comes to Ethereum.

Before joining the Gnosis Safe team back in 2020, I co-founded and product managed an enterprise-focused blockchain solution with the consultancy firm, Accenture. That was fun… but my passion has always been pushing Ethereum and its infrastructure for decentralised finance.

So you’ve been immersed in blockchain since your college days.

Q2: Give us an overview of your product/project for the crypto/blockchain space and how did it get started?

Well, first of all, the Gnosis Safe (or the Safe which is what we like to call it) is a self-custodial wallet to manage digital assets. We created the first Gnosis wallet back in 2017. Mainly as a result of the ICO craze.

During this ICO frenzy, many projects needed a secure way to store their funds as a team, ...

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