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đź‘‹ Good day Request Enthusiasts!

In this months’ edition of Request Invoicing in Numbers, we’ll be reviewing the usage metrics since our last update in February 2021.

This format is intended to bring the highest amount of transparency to our user base, community and others with an interest in Request.

Note:This post exclusively looks at usage data from the Invoicing product and leaves out data from Request Create and/or direct protocol integrations in third party apps such as Multis & Gnosis Safe. Additionally, this post doesn’t take into account the invoices and payments managed in fiat as the main focus currently for Request is strictly on cryptocurrency.

New registered accounts

The first metric we’re going to look at is the number of new accounts registered for the product. New accounts represent new businesses and freelancers onboarding to the product. Although most users are issuing invoices and making payments in cryptocurrency, there’s also a decent number of use cases where traditional currencies like USD and EUR are being declared by businesses using the app. However, in this report we’ll be covering only invoices managed in cryptocurrencies.

At Request, one of our main objectives is to simplify payments and invoicing, be it in crypto or fiat. That’s why we’re focused on building an open network system that can be compatible with traditional banking and other payment rails (with the help of our Stripe integration), and also to be interoperable with other blockchains in order to accept cryptocurrencies like our recent partnership with $NEAR, for example.

In March, our user growth continues to increase as illustrated in the chart below. This growth can be attributed to our ongoing partnerships that the Request team has developed with top crypto organizations such as MakerDAO, Celo, Ocean, Gnosis and several other prominent companies in the ...

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