Revamping Branding and Marketing with Our New Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing…

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Revamping Branding and Marketing with Our New Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing Communication — Patric Vogel

As an early investor of the global open-source blockchain project, Patric has long been a firm believer in the potential of NULS. Now, he has taken over the leading role in the branding and marketing to further raise awareness and visibility of the project as the Vice President Brand Management and Marketing Communication.

Although blockchain technology stands to become an integral way to conduct secure transactions through its decentralized and distributed system, it is not getting the attention it deserves. This is due to the fact that previous resources have been fully allocated to technical development to create the best product. For this reason, marketing has not yet been run at full capacity. This will now change under Patric, as he will focus exclusively on presenting the advantages and values of NULS and NULS products globally.

Fortunately, all this is about to change with Patric’s assumption of the role in spearheading the branding and marketing activities of the project. Patric is a highly qualified individual whose flexibility and original way of thinking are the breath of fresh air the industry needs today. His sociable nature, coupled with his background as an entrepreneur, means that he has built an extensive network through the years that will prove invaluable in marketing the project. Patric is also a natural-born leader with a confidence founded on his skills, knowledge, and experience. He is driven to take tough situations head-on with sound ideas and strategies. With these qualities, Patric is in a good position to breathe new life into NULS’ branding.

With his highly adaptive and innovative skillset, Patric has been laying the groundwork for new and professional structures, which he believes are vital to the project’s success. Every aspect ...

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