RioDeFi Partners with BluzelleDB for Secure Storage of DeFi Data

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RioDeFi, a blockchain technology company aiming to bridge traditional and decentralized finance, has signed a strategic partnership with Bluzelle. RioChain, a Parity Substrate-based blockchain, will utilize Bluzelle’s scalable and interoperable decentralized DB for off-chain storage of their DeFi data. Besides that, they will support our Mainnet as a long term validator to help safeguard the Bluzelle network.

RioChain is ideal for a broad range of decentralized applications, especially for developers who are interested in building dApps on a fast, scalable, interoperable blockchain with low transaction fees. With a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets, they just launched the beta version of RioWallet, which will allow people to easily convert fiat currency from a bank account or credit card to cryptocurrency and enable users to access DeFi services including swapping, staking, lending, and borrowing.

Bluzelle’s decentralized database will provide a secure solution for developers building on RioChain to store their data, while keeping a decentralized tech stack. Data will be distributed across the different nodes in our network, which ensures that data stored in our network is safe and always available. With our consensus engine, data is only accessible by the authorized owner. Furthermore, by moving on-chain data off chain, RioChain will remain efficient and become more scalable along with the exponential growth of users and network activities.

BluzelleDB can be easily accessed and integrated through the different client libraries that we support, including JS, Python, Go, Ruby and so on. We will also launch the updated version of BluzelleStudio, where developers can manage their data directly through a client interface.

“Bluzelle enables Dapps to store their data in a place that is both decentralized and mutable, which is a huge benefit for Dapps building on RioChain. Many Dapps still use centralized databases for hosting certain data points that ...

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