Ripple’s Mission in Action

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Today’s economies are increasingly global. The advent of new technology has transformed the standardization, speed and cost of the transportation of goods and information exchange. Yet, financial services and the exchange of value remains unreliable, slow and expensive.

Ripple is changing this status quo. Through our robust suite of products and services, we’re eliminating the friction inherent in our global financial system—enabling payments for everyone, everywhere. 

To accelerate our efforts, we are appointing new executive leadership across the organization, building out our global engineering team to support our growing number of customers in more places—and refreshing our brand to better match our obsession with streamlining today’s financial system. 

Realizing the RippleNet Advantage

RippleNet offers a distributed financial network combined with financial solutions, to move money with the same speed and standards that information moves today—removing the barriers ingrained in financial services for hundreds of companies. This powerful network delivers financial solutions like payments and liquidity management that were once only offered by multinational banks—without the cost and overhead of legacy systems. 

By leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT) and the digital asset XRP as the universal asset for value exchange, RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service allows customers to reduce, even eliminate, the need to pre-fund accounts.

To expand on these offerings, RippleNet GM, Asheesh Birla, and Ripple’s growing engineering team—including VP of Engineering Vidya Mani—are continuing to deliver services that enable customers to easily accelerate business performance and scale.

RippleNet’s competitive advantage will come to life at Ripple Swell Global. The event unites RippleNet customers, partners and industry leaders who are committed to changing the way money moves globally.

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