SafeTrace: April 2020 Development Update

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We’ve built an MVP demo and front-end integration, joined the TCN Coalition, and will be hosting an upcoming webinar with Outlier Ventures. Learn more on how you can get involved below!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt global economies and daily life, we at Enigma have continued our development work on SafeTrace: a privacy-preserving data sharing and analytics platform for contact tracing.

Today we’re writing to share some major updates on our work since our initial SafeTrace announcement. This includes:

  • a functional MVP demo of SafeTrace, including full video
  • a basic front-end integration for user data ingestion
  • our new collaboration with the TCN Coalition
  • an upcoming explanatory webinar with the Outlier Ventures team

In this post we’ll recap some important notes about SafeTrace specifically and digital contact tracing generally before getting into more details about all these exciting developments and our next steps for scaling SafeTrace. Please read to the end if you’d like to get involved with Enigma’s ongoing efforts to fight COVID-19 while protecting user privacy!

Note: all our work is open-source and available on GitHub.


An Overview of Digital Contact Tracing

Contact tracing has proven to be helpful in preventing the spread of pandemics, but it has also historically been limited by the time and capacity of health care workers trained in contact tracing. Smartphones, and the data they collect, can dramatically improve contract tracing. Digital contact tracing can be extremely valuable in these areas:

  • Individual awareness: Users can know if they have been in close proximity with a diagnosed person, allowing them to self-quarantine.
  • Social awareness: Digital contact tracing can be used for preemptive measures such as visualizing likely hotspots where individuals who test positive have recently congregated, such as grocery stores or community organizations. This can expedite the contact tracing process for healthcare professionals and inform decisions on which ...

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