Say Hi to the Newest Member of Wanchain’s Family of Cross-chain DeFi Applications — WanFarm

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Upcoming: An Ethereum-based DeFi WanFarm & A Major Upgrade to Wanchain’s Cross-chain Mechanism

Wanchain’s cross-chain DeFi ecosystem ushered in great development. Cross-chain DeFi projects such as WanSwap and WanLend were born successively and achieved great success. With the continuous development of Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism and the growth of the Wanchain ecosystem, users from the community will definitely put forward more stringent requirements and more refined demands for decentralized financial services. A group of community-driven projects that keep pace with times, such as the AMM DEX WanSwap, and the Cross-chain Lending Platform WanLend, have emerged at this stage.

In late January this year, WanFarm, a new DeFi project developed by the Wanchain team, will be expected to launch on Ethereum and will open up yield farming on Ethereum using cross-chain wanTokens.

WanFarm is a yield farming DeFi DApp deployed on Ethereum. In the initial stage, users of WanFarm get LP tokens by providing asset pairs (e.g., WAN@Ethereum and USDT) to AMM DEX (e.g., UniSwap), and stake their LP tokens on WanFarm to earn real-time farming rewards in WAN.

WanFarm aims to promote a series of coins and tokens, such as wanBTC, wanDOT, wanXRP, wanEOS, wanTRX, etc., on mainstream public chains to be cross-chain integrated into Ethereum, which contributes sufficient liquidity to these AMM DEXes (e.g., UniSwap, SushiSwap) on Ethereum, and offers richer types of borrow & lend cryptocurrencies for lending dapps (e.g., Compound, Aave), so as to make Wanchain cross-chain assets form a scale effect in the huge and rich Ethereum ecosystem. At the same time, the increasing usage of cross-chain assets on Ethereum can in turn further accelerate the construction of cross-chain wanBridges. Driven by economic interests, Storeman nodes will continue to widen the wanBridges (that is, to ensure the quota of cross-chain ...

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