September Project Update: iExec takes center stage thanks to major exchange listings and the…

September Project Update: iExec takes center stage thanks to major exchange listings and the upcoming Oracle Factory release

The last time we published a project update, it seemed like the blockchain space couldn’t be stopped, with everyone rushing into crypto en masse. We’re talking all-time highs, mainstream news coverage, laser-eye profile pictures, doggy coins, Paris Hilton shilling NFTs… And then the market took a hit.

So is the hype over? Will there be a new crypto winter? Or will we continue to see records broken across the board?

Well, whether this was your first crash or you’re immune to the ups and downs of crypto prices, we’re glad you’re here. If you’re in our discussion channels, you’d know the iExec team can not comment on RLC price action. And if you’re not talking to us on Discord, why not? Join here!

What we can do, however, is share what iExec has been working on. From important tech upgrades to extensive recruitment efforts, we’ve got one goal in mind — growing iExec. Following a successful technical upgrade, the iExec team is now focused on the finishing touches of the alpha version of our next product, the iExec Oracle Factory.

The iExec Oracle Factory V1

The iExec team is excited about this V1 release. How could you not be? For the first time ever, in 5 minutes, even without any blockchain knowledge, anyone will be able to deploy a ‘decentralized oracle’.

When it comes to off-chain computing and oracles, the most promising technological innovations are hardware enclaves. The Oracle Factory aims to make this technology accessible to all.

Creators on the V1 of the iExec Oracle Factory will get a unique link to share their oracle creation, which can then be listed in a dedicated gallery, ready for developers to deploy!

After the release of this Beta version, we’ll be gathering feedback ...

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