Sia v1.5.4 Release

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We are excited to announce the release of Sia v1.5.4!

Sia is the foundation that Skynet is built upon, and is what enables this revolutionary technology. If you haven’t tried it yet, check out SiaSky to upload some data for free or the Skynet App Store to try some of the amazing Skapps the community has built. If you are not familiar with Sia yet, take a look at our website and previous blog posts.

Download the latest Sia release from the Sia website.

Release Highlights

The biggest news coming with the release of v1.5.4 is the Sia Foundation Hardfork code.

Additionally, v1.5.4 brings performance improvements in production as well as new features.

For a refresher on the Sia Foundation check out Luke’s recent blog post, and to stay up to date on the latest on the Sia Foundation, head over to the Sia Forum.

Performance Improvements in Production

Skynet has grown explosively since its inception in early 2020. This has been an exciting challenge for us to push out groundbreaking new features while improving the performance of our production portals.

Skyfile metadata contains a lot of useful and important information about a Skyfile. As Skynet has grown and the community has shown us some amazing use cases, we have added information to this metadata to help the ecosystem grow. However, if all you are interested in is the contents of the Skyfile then this metadata is wasted space and adds unnecessary latency to the UX. Skyfile downloads now have a new no-response-metadata option that does not return this metadata resulting in smaller payloads and decreased latency.

Lastly, some of you might have seen a recent blog post about the revitalization of the Sia Ant Farm. The Sia Ant Farm is a local testnet for Sia and allows ...

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