Simona Pop Joins Ost and Pepo as Chief Engagement Officer

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We are delighted to announce that Simona Pop, one of the most eloquent and passionate proponents of cryptocurrency adoption, has joined Ost and Pepo as Chief Engagement Officer to boost our momentum as the Ethereum application layer.

Simona comes to OST from the Bounties Network, a ConsenSys project. Bounties provided crypto rewards and payments for tasks around the world from cleaning beaches in the Philippines to educating Ethereum developers in Brazil.

Bringing her expertise in community building and user experience from the Bounties Network and her work as a ConsenSys Grants advisor, Simona has been an OST fan for some time. Inspired by the lightning-fast user experience, Simona was the first to describe Pepo, the social app powered by OST technology, as a “dapp that feels like an app.”

In this blog post on her new role, Simona tells her own real-world use-case story about how she became engaged with Pepo, and how OST is bridging the gap between blockchain and broader audiences.

Simona is hitting the ground running this month. And there is no better place to start galvanizing our community than at ETHDenver, where Pepo is the official social app for the February 14–16 #BUIDLathon.

As Simona says, she has “always focused on communities and the power they can generate when they are empowered. Joining the OST team to continue and turbo charge that focus feels like a 2020 resolution already coming to fruition.”

We second that! With Simona onboard, we feel great about this year too — a year when OST and our user experience can help drive dapps mainstream.

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