Singularity Studio and Hanson Robotics Launch New Healthcare Robotics Venture, Awakening Health

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SingularityNET’s relationship with Hong Kong robotics firm Hanson Robotics goes way back — true SNET old-timers will remember that the public launch of the SingularityNET project occurred at the D10E event in San Jose’ in summer 2017 and featured a high-energy presentation by Ben Goertzel, Simone’ Giacomelli, David Hanson and the star of the show, Sophia.

From left to right: Simone Giacomelli, Sophia the Robot, David Hanson, Ben Goertzel @ D10E 2017

Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET have long shared a common vision of humanity and technology advancing toward a beneficial Singularity together, via progress toward compassionate artificial general intelligence driven by the rollout of compelling and valuable products across multiple vertical markets.

Ongoing progress on the integration of SingularityNET platform, OpenCog and deep neural net AI tools and the Hanson robots were showcased at the 2019 Web Summit when David Hanson and Ben Goertzel presented together with Sophia and the robot Philip K Dick (and see also the followup work with the PKDeepfake avatar, a digital emulation of the PKD robot).

Today we are proud and excited to announce the initiation of the next phase of the Hanson/SingularityNET collaboration — the launch of Awakening Health, a joint venture between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET’s commercial spinoff Singularity Studio, along with other partners from the medical and business spheres.

Announcing Sophia’s Little Sister, Grace

Awakening Health’s flagship product will be a new robot named Grace — the world’s first human-like robotic assistant for those in need of care and biodata management. Grace builds on the Hanson Robotics Sophia 2020 humanoid robotics platform and leverages unique neural-symbolic AI contributed by Singularity Studio, building on the SingularityNET decentralized AI platform.

Continuing a series of previous healthcare successes with Hanson robots (autism treatment, age-related disease research and safety testing at the US Centers for Disease Control CDC) and SingularityNET AI (disease analytics and therapeutic dialogue), ...

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