SingularityNET Announces SingularityDAO

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A unique layer 2 noncustodial AI-DeFi solution aimed at revolutionizing the altcoin markets

I’m thrilled to announce to you today a project SingularityNET Foundation has been developing and incubating in a quiet way for a while — SingularityDAO, a new initiative in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

The mission of SingularityDAO is one dear to my heart: To improve the funding and growth situation for early and mid-stage blockchain projects. It aims to achieve this mission via leveraging AI and well-designed tokenomics to create radically more liquidity for the corresponding tokens.

The context of this mission will be clear to anyone who has been active in the blockchain space in the last few years. During this time, hundreds of projects have launched unique decentralized software and social technologies based on tokenomic innovations. Many of these projects, however, struggle to achieve consistent project growth in spite of solid underlying technology progress — in part because low liquidity and high volatility render their tokens unappealing to purchasers.

SingularityDAO introduces a new set of financial tools oriented toward solving these liquidity and volatility problems.

SingularityDAO’s novel AI-DeFi mechanisms make it more beneficial and less risky to hold portfolios of utility tokens that individually have only modest liquidity — thus increasing the liquidity available to the projects that issued these tokens, and providing an ecosystem in which volatility-dampening mechanisms like futures and options can introduce. Our ultimate goal is to create market conditions that are favourable to high-quality innovative projects using tokens to achieve rapid growth.

Why are we choosing to get into the DeFi space?

The crux of the matter is: Humanity needs more high-quality decentralized technology projects.

Advanced technology, centrally including software technology, is the key to the next stages of the advance of the human species. And these next stages are going to progress more beneficially if the tech ...

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