SingularityNET Service Integration into Android Apps — Opening the AI Marketplace to 2.5

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SingularityNET Service Integration into Android Apps — Opening the AI Marketplace to 2.5 Billion Customers

The SingularityNET platform and decentralized AI marketplace enable AI developers to publish their models and solutions as services and monetize them without the need for developing end-user applications or full-fledged software systems. At the same time, software developers can utilize these contemporary AI services in their products without the need for digging into complex specifics.

Recently we released a Java SDK available on our Developer Portal, which allows developers to create a SingularityNET service client in the Java programming language.

We’re tremendously happy to announce that with this SDK it is now possible to connect Android mobile apps to the SingularityNET platform, enabling AI services to be accessed by apps found on the Google Play Store and over 2.5 billion Android devices.

The SongSplitter App

To showcase the power of the Java SDK, we are introducing the SongSplitter app, an AI-driven SingularityNET powered application for splitting vocals from a music track, available to download now on the Google Play Store.

This application constitutes a real-world demonstration of how Android app developers can quickly and easily integrate services found on our platform and leverage the power of decentralized AI. This illustrates the viability of the SingularityNET blockchain-based AI protocol and marketplace as a means of disseminating and monetizing AI tools and products beyond the desktop and server and into the mobile arena.

SongSplitter will be the first in a long series of mobile apps leveraging SingularityNET AI agents to deliver intelligent services to users.

The SongSplitter app is in its first release and allows a user to separate vocal and accompaniment from the input audio. The app saves the split results locally and retains the ability to play all previously split results directly from within the ...

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